Peebles Survey Report


The day started well, 8 am, sunny, blue skies, and a layer of fog hanging on the top of the hills. At 8.20 the fog rolled down and hit the ground at the site, it was instantly freezing. When Erland arrived at 8.30 it was -4 C, (he had a temperature gauge in his car).

The troops then arrived in time for a cuppa, then it was off out to the fields. All the trenching had not been completed, but there was about 5 long trenches spaced out over the first field from end to end. Erland said he was more interested if we could find Roman. So we split up and searched the trenches and spoil heaps along the length of the field. When these were finished we then concentrated on the grass between them.

Sorry to say we didn't turn up any Roman, but we had a selection of buttons, buckles, musket balls, copper/bronze coins and the usual selection of odds and ends. Erland then bagged and tagged a selection, and was happy with these. Now he’ll see what he can make of them, and give us a report in due course.

Over all the troops thoroughly enjoyed the day, especially when the sun eventually burned the fog away. It was quite warm and pleasant before lunchtime, and jackets were seen to be cast off and then dropped to the ground. Click on the link below to see the pics.